Austrian Gaming Industries GmbH

NOVOMATIC Group prides itself on having achieved levels of both vertical and horizontal market integration previously unheard of within the gaming industry. NOVOMATIC subsidiaries design, develop and manufacture components; which in turn are used in the manufacture and assembly of electronic gaming machines and sports betting terminals; these products are utilized in NOVOMATIC operations where NOVOMATIC products compete head-to-head with gaming products from other manufacturers; resulting in ongoing design and development to ensure top performance. Thus creating a self-reinforcing loop striving for excellence!

Integrated Gaming Group

It's the duality as both an operator and a manufacturer that is at the very heart of NOVOMATIC.

As manufacturer Austrian Gaming Industries delivers one of the broadest product ranges in the industry, and is the undisputed market leader in the realm of electronic multiplayer gaming devices. The products are distributed to 80 countries making NOVOMATIC Europe's biggest supplier of electronic gaming equipment.

With its international sales activities AGI ranges among the five biggest producers worldwide.


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