Further Topics

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a gaming group we bear a high social and sociopolitical responsibility that we thoroughly accept and embrace. Right from the beginning we have integrated this philosophy into our corporate culture and are actively engaged in arts, cultural, sports and social activities +

Structure of the Novomatic Group of Companies

The NOVOMATIC Group comprises 3 holding companies:

Central to the Group is NOVOMATIC AG Holding, based in Austria, located immediately south of Vienna. The activities of the subsidiaries of the Austrian NOVOMATIC Holding range from casino and gaming operations to manufacturing and related ancillary services. Austrian Gaming Industries GmbH in turn acts as a holding for various national and international interests within the gaming industry, including casino operations, electronic gaming operations, video lottery operations, sports betting operations and various end-to-end gaming machine manufacturing activities +

Responsible Gaming

Gaming, if strictly regulated and fair, is an entertaining and unwinding pastime. However, for a small percentage of players, gaming can become the main focus in their life leading to numerous problems +


NOVOMATIC respects the wish of the City of Vienna

NOVOMATIC respects the wish of the City of Vienna that no more new licenses will be issued for gaming on machines from 1 January 2015. Therefore, only gaming machines with a valid legal license whose duration goes beyond 31 December 2014 will continue to be operated. Because only legal gaming offers can combat illegal gambling effectively and guarantee effective youth and gambler protection as already introduced in Lower and Upper Austria. Convince yourself. +


Press release from 26.11.2014

Jens Halle to leave NOVOMATIC GROUP+