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Our Modules

We proudly present all the myACP Modules. Click the links below to see details of the tools that have been developed to accompany your gaming operation.



The system is capable of generating an unlimited number of Jackpots, both mystery progressive and event-driven ones. Specific time-driven
Jackpots can also be generated, like Lucky Chance. All Jackpots are easily configured with only a few mouse clicks. Special hardware and software solutions within the system guarantee perfect jackpot animation displays.

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Online Slot Control

This functionality gathers all EGM events online and stores these data in the database for an unlimited period of time. Any event detected by EGM sensors can be easily investigated or controlled via staff action.

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Online Financial Accounting and Reporting

The system collects values of all possible EGM meters online, stores all data in the database and provides timely accurate financial reports, either standard or customized.

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Fund Transfer Solutions (TITO / Cashless)

In addition to the traditional coin acceptors/hoppers and bill validators, this module supports cashless operations based on magnetic stripe or RFID cards, as well as TITO solutions. This ensures an increase of speed in win payment processes and eliminates possible cash-related handling problems.

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The CRM module aims to support the “casino-to-customer” relationship, based on data related to the customer’s activity. This module processes the total of available information so that the customer is served in the best way possible.

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Loyalty Programs

The system supports you in creating specific customer loyalty programs. The functionality is based on the player’s member card or fingerprint identification. Depending on the number of loyalty points collected, the (casino/ slot) operator can provide clients with a wide range of additional benefits. Special treatments to key customers can also be developed in an effective way with this flexible casino management system.

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Loyalty Kiosk

The system contains a multilingual interactive loyalty and information application that delivers an easy and exciting way to improve customer service. It saves Operators significant amounts of time and money by combining host, reception, attendant and guest service functionalities, and reduces queues at service desks.

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Member Management/ Reception System

The myACP system covers the requirements of a member entrance. It processes the registration of Player data in a quick and easy way: issuance of member card, optional ticket vouchers for entrance/activities within the casino, member categorisation and powerful attendance reports.

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Business Intelligence

This casino Management module provides multidimensional, customizable Analysis of business data to Support the casino Management decision-making process. Information can be analyzed in many different levels of detail. This leads to desirable and valuable knowledge, forming the basis for timely decisions.

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Tables Management

The Table Management functionalities cover the accounting of all Transactions concerning tables, provide a calculation of table results on a daily basis and cover all aspects of managing and monitoring live games within a casino. The information derived based on the particular procedures and regulations imposed by regulatory bodies or desired by the casino management.

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Cage Management

The Cage Management functionalities cover all financial transactions from all stations within the casino and Monitor all monetary (cash, chips, credit, etc.) Transactions within a gaming venue. This is done in a fully parametrical approach that allows Adaptation to specific operating procedures and the auditing of transactions through comprehensive consolidation reports.

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CMS Mobile

The CMS Mobile system application, which runs on any web browser, is a powerful tool in the hands of Casino managers and hosts. It provides real-time gaming information and results via mobile phone or tablet devices. No matter whether inside or outside the casino, access to real-time data is available and decisions can be made.

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Player Tracking

The myACP Player Tracking functionalities allow the Operator to create a complete member profile to evaluate each member’s playing activity (visits, play time, average bet, theoretical and actual win/loss, points accumulated, etc.)

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Junket Management

This tool creates a comprehensive evaluation Report of expenses made for each member (transport, accommodation, food and other conveniences).

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myACP gives the Casino management the opportunity to control individuals entering the premises, in order to deny access to guests with a record of illegal behavior. The tool also gives immediate notification on specific Events within the casino premises, such as transfers of significant amounts of money or large bets placed by customers.

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Third Party System Integration

The myACP system is fully compatible with hardware and software of other providers.

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