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Magic Joker™ Jackpot

Magic Joker™ Jackpot

The initial Magic Joker™ Jackpot Card Feature might be randomly triggered after each spin in the base game. The triggering probability correlates with the player bet: the higher the bet, the better the chances.

Once the Magic Joker™ Jackpot Card Feature is hit, the small logo on the main screen expands showing animated cards shuffling and one card is drawn. Only a Joker card triggers the Magic Joker Jackpot™ – any other card concludes this chance to enter the jackpot game.

If the guest is lucky and a Joker card is revealed, he has already won! Now the Magic Joker Jackpot™ screen opens for the actual jackpot drawing: the screen shows a deck of cards plus the initial triggering Joker card next to it. Four further cards are randomly drawn, guaranteeing with the initial Joker at least a Pair that awards the Bronze Jackpot win.
Once all five cards are revealed, the actual jackpot win is ascertained: 3 of a kind award the Silver Jackpot, 4 of a kind award the Gold Jackpot and 5 of a kind award the Diamond Jackpot.


The Magic Joker™ Jackpot is not included in the Multi-Level Mystery Jackpots package. It can be acquired additionally.

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