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NOVOMATIC Electronic Poker

Game Facts


NOVOMATIC Electronic Poker

With three exciting electronic Poker games Novomatic brings a new thrill to this classic and highly popular game.

Novomatic offers the games of 3-Card Poker, Caribbean Poker and Texas Hold‘em Poker in different electronic versions. Available Poker game versions are:

  • Novo TouchBet® 3-Card Poker
  • Novo TouchBet® Caribbean Poker
  • Novo Flying 3-Card Poker™
  • Novo Flying Caribbean Poker™
  • Novo Texas Hold’em Poker™

TouchBet® versions use a live table managed by a dealer and live camera broadcast to the individual player stations. Flying versions are a virtual replica of the live game where an unlimited number of guests play against the RNG and the Novo Texas Hold’em Poker™ is a completely virtual Poker game where the participants compete against each other.

NOVOMATIC Poker games are state-of-the-art electronic live games that bring unrivalled game speed, easy game play and maximum Poker fun for casino guests.

Based on NOVO LINE™ Novo Unity™ II the electronic Poker games offer numerous significant advantages:

An unlimited number of terminals can be connected to one game (using just one deck of cards):

  • The unique initial card selection feature
         (4 - 8 initial cards for Novo 3-Card Poker™*, 5 - 8 initial cards for Novo Caribbean Poker™*)
    • different card choices for maximum gaming thrill for the player
    • avoids any interference with the game through the players‘ card selection
    • dramatically reduced payout volatility for the operator
  • Fixed odds side bets with additional paytables
  • 10“ dealer board which instructs the dealer; thus eliminating and reducing training expenses

(*the number of initial cards for the initial card selection feature is configured by the operator)

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